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A versatile artist, Lu has evolved a style of painting of his own, characterized by agility and vitality. His masterpieces include:

  • Traditional Chinese maiden figures and famous classical and legendary characters.

  • Religious icons - Buddha, Guanyin and mythical beings such as the Eight Immortals.

  • Animals - energetic horses, majestic tigers, imperial dragons, mischievous monkeys.

  • Flora - sublime bamboos, royal peonies and mystical orchids.

  • Serene Chinese landscapes.

  • Calligraphy - the art of fine brushstrokes and penmanship.

Protect From & Ward Off Evil
Beauty Final.jpg
Majestic dragon - symbol of the emperor.
Monkeys on Ancient Tree.jpg
DSCN0129 (Tocuhed Up).JPG
Carps of Fortune Retouched.jpg
Lover Mandarin Ducks.JPG
Royal peonies of love protected by heroi
DSCN0303 (Retouched).JPG
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